Rhoderic Transfaal

Hunchbacked Ventrue Archon


Clan: Ventrue
Sire: unknown
Generation: 10th
Embrace: 1643
Apparent age: 32

Rhoderic Transfaal was embraced on a battlefield not far from the City of York during the English civil War. He was part of a European Mercenary outfit hired by English nobles. His fierce fighting and cool head during a night time battle drew the attention of a kindred and he was embraced after a grievous wound had smashed his back and surely would have killed him were it not for the kiss of unlife.

It is known Rhoderic served the camarilla and in particular the court of Hector faithfully from his embrace. He quickly rose to position of Sheriff and was a prominent member of the York primogen council and had the ear of hector himself. His loyalty and ability to act when necessary and to hold back when it would be wise made him attractive material for a Ventrue Archon.

Rhoderics status as Archon led him to spend more time away from York, but his ties there have always been and remain strong. It is clear Hector trusts him. It seems now that Rhoderic’s duties are once again focused on the North of England.

Although left a hunchback by the wound that would have killed him, rhoderic is a fearsome and calculated warrior. He moves with a speed that seems unlikely for someone with a twisted spine and that has lulled more than one enemy into a fatal sense of false security. It is for this reason it is assumed he has the gift of spirits speed. Rhoderic is extremely capable with a blade but has remained at the forefront of modern fighting techniques and seems to be just as capable with a gun. It is rumoured he has acted as a hired sniper for the Ventrue Justicar on more than one occasion.

In manner he seems calm and collected and retains a reasonable level of humanity for a vampire of his age. It is known he worked closely with the Archon Oppenheim and is seeking information regarding his destruction.

Rhoderic Transfaal

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