Welcome to the Gothic Punk world of Sunderland in the late 1980s

“Sunderland by Night : Vampire” is a Vampire the Masquerade campaign set in the town of Sunderland in 1987. It is a game that attempts to recreate the original feel of the early VTM sourcebooks and because of that uses material primarily from first and second edition, with certain material taken from revised and the revised sourcebooks, but early sourcebooks are considered the primary source.
The plan is to expand the game background in time with Sbn: Werewolf, Sbn: Mage, Sbn: Wraith and finally Sbn: Changeling. All of these will be the OLD world of darkness incarnations. Demon : the Fallen although written for the old world of darkness will not be considered canon for this game and Hunter : the Reckoning will be confined to GM only status and will not enter the campaign in its own right.
The overall feel and atmosphere of the game is dark and mature. Sensitive subjects will be dealt with and the focus is purely on Storytelling and drama.


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